History: A Tale of Two Charities

Meet Moose

Friends of Moose was established in 2008 by Gwen Flager in memory of her beloved dog Moose, to help qualifying Houstonians afford emergency veterinary services for their pets.  In 2015, the partnering emergency clinic closed, leaving the nonprofit with a dilemma.

A Veterinarian With a Calling

Dr. Bill Folger DVM, began the Holy Spirit Medical Brigade (HSMB) Veterinary Mission in 1998, providing annual veterinary services to under-served rural communities in Honduras, that rely on healthy animals for their survival and livelihoods.  In 2016, the group lost its church co-sponsor. 

A Joint Mission

Folger and Flager joined forces to continue providing veterinary services to communities in need, under the Friends of Moose moniker. Dr. Folger now serves as Chairman of the Board with Gwen Flager as Secretary/Treasurer, to continue helping small & large animals in Honduras.  We think Moose would approve.